OSJRA League Results

The Ocean State Junior Rifle Association closed out its 2014-15 season with its traditional  awards luncheon at the Manville Sportsmen’s Club on April 19, 2015. The Manville juniors barely had time to clean up after their tenth annual “All You Can Eat” pasta and meatball dinner and penny social fund raiser before they had to spruce up and return to the club for the awards presentation.

In opening remarks League Director Brenda Jacobs briefly explained that the Ocean State Junior Rifle Association provides opportunities for youth, between the ages of 10-20, to participate in rifle competition in Rhode Island as well as regional and national competitions. While competitive in nature the Association emphasizes firearm safety, responsibility and as well as competitive skills.

The individual League Champion was Graham Sharkey of Massasoit with an average of 251.625.

South County shooters Alexis Bresette, 250.625, and DJ Titus at 237.625 were second and third. Manville's' Katrina Lewis had a 172.125 average for first junior with Smithfield rifleman Zach Taylor second with a 150.429.

Ben Duhaime of Pine Tree, led all the intermediate juniors with Charles Klensch-South   County, Elijah Boudreau-Manville,  Caleb Delehant-Pine Tree, Madison Andrukiewicz,-South County, Paul Sousa-Massasoit, and Catherine Darling-Massasoit rounding out that category.

 he High Sub Junior wasMegan Vanner of Pine Tree with Liam Cannon of South County, and Noah Goldthwait of Smithfield as the second and third subbie.

South County took home the team championship under coach Dick O’Rourke. Bressette, Andrukiewicz , Galligan,  Klensch, Titus, and Cannon put together a perfect 8-0  for the title.

Second and third went to average to break a two way tie as Pine Tree and Massasoit were knotted at 5-3. Pine Tree posted a 774 while Massasoit recorded a 664.8 Pine Tree Coach Ed Gould guided Duhaime  Myles Delehant  Megan Vanner, Alex Moran, Casey Hanlon   Zack Costa-Mello, Brennan Connor, and  Mike St. Angelo. Coach Joe Post's shooters Graham Sharkey, Jacob Nappi, Cate Darling, Paul Sousa and Henry Todesco brought the bronze back to Massasoit.

Manville placed fourth with Katrina Lewis, Jared Hite, Elijah Boudreau, Elexzandie Ramsingh and Malik Okojie being coached by Bob Todesco. 

Jon Hiron of Smithfield Coached Kathryn Sutton, Chris Rene, Desiree Hirons, John Fontaine, Michael Caine, Zachory Taylor, and  Noah Goldthwait to fifth.

High Competitors on each team were South County's Bresette, Ben Duhaime of South County, Massasoit's Graham Sharkey, Chris Rene of Smithfield, with Elijah Boudreau representing Manville.

Alexis Bresette  of South County  posted a 274 for the highest 2014-2015 League individual match score.

The Rhode Island Governor’s Cup Match saw 30 Compete for the Governor’s Cup was a South County sweep with Alexis Bresette winning while Charles Klensch  and DJ Titus  finished second and third. Graham Sharkey  was top junior, Elijah Boudreau  was top intermediate junior while Megan Vanner topped the Sub Junior category.

In closing Jacobs thanked the parents who supported the league, Manville for hosting the event, and the Rhode Island Revolver  and Rifle Association for a $200 grant to support League activities.