2018 RI Primary Election

Published 09/12/2018

The RI Primaries are Wednesday September 12, 2018.    There are three documents to help you select your candidates.  The first is the NRA-PVF ratings.  This is the traditional ratings you should have seen in the past from NRA in Washington, DC.  This report can also be viewed on the NRA-PVF web site.  There are tabs to switch between Statewide offices and district offices (RI senate and house races).

In addition to this NRA-PVF rating report, there are two other documents that is a compilation from the RI 2nd Amendment Organizations (RI Revolver & Rifle Association, RI 2nd Amendment Coalition, Federated RI Sportsmen Club, & RI Firearm Owners' League).  This is a result of these organization personally interviewing candidates running for office.  There are races where NRA was not able to determine a candidate's position on the Second Amendment.  We hope you find this useful to augment the information from the NRA ratings.

  RI Senate Primary
  RI House Primary

If you do not know your RI Senate or House district numbers, you can visit the RI Secretary of State's Voter Information Center.  This will allow you to enter your address, see your voting districts, and generate and print sample ballots (both democrat and republican).  I recommend you print out a sample ballot and bring it with you to make it easier to vote.