House Bills to be heard on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Published 03/16/2016

The House Bills to be heard on 3/22/16, at the rise of the house, about 4:30pm are:

H-7093- This is a good bill.  Would make automatic renewal of carry permits with NICS ck and $40.00 fee.

H-7103- This is a good bill.  No sales tax on containers (safe) to safely store firearms.

H-7199- VERY BAD BILL.  Bans all high capacity magazines and Manufacturers of high capacity magazines in this state.  You have 120 to dispose of your high cap. mags, both rifle and handgun after which time if you still posses you become a criminal.  Jail time up to 10 years.

H-7243- Bad bill.  Even if you have a CCW it will not be honored because this bill calls for No Firearms, or other weapons on school grounds.  Except for Peace Officers.

H-7244- This is a good bill.  The AG would have to give a report to the General Assembly on the disposition of crimes involving guns.

H-7283- Bad Bill.  Changes from Felony to Misdemeanor the reason for the confiscation of your firearms in a domestic conviction offense.

H-7332- Good Bill.  Cleans up language on destruction of applications for rifle and shotgun purchases.

H-7390- Bad bill. Bad bill in part because it adds more to the permitting process instead of streamlining it to a Constitutional Carry like Maine recently did.  It makes it mandatory to give your Social Security number which is illegal by federal standards.  You would need a business license as proof that a business exists.  Your reference letters become invalid after 3 months.

H-7535- Bad Bill.  No longer will a student that drives (16 & 17 yr olds) be able to take themselves to the range to practice for that College Scholarship without a parent or guardian.  

H-7541- While this bill sounds good in theory, for reciprocity of gun permits from our neighbors in Conn and Mass.  It does not take into consideration that neither state has a "live Fire" as Rhode Island does to obtain a CCW. 

H-7575- Bad Bill. After a felony or misdemeanor plea or conviction you have 24 hours to surrender your firearms.  No mention of how they will be boxed or stored and the police may establish policies for disposal and charge you for the cost of storage and the disposal.

H-7680- Good Bill. Chapter 158 The Second Amendment Preservation Act.  This bill would prohibit the use of State funds, personnel or property in the enforcement of Federal Firearms Laws or regulations.

Your presence is requested at the State House on the above aforementioned date so that you may express your opinions on these pro and anti bills. It is very important that you make every effort to attend.