Position on bills being heard Tuesday April 25th

Published 04/23/2017

House Bills for Consideration on Tuesday April 25, 2017

There are 15 firearm Bills being heard by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday (April 25, 2017) evening. This is NOT all the bills that have been introduced this legislative session.  Stephen Hogan has reviewed the bills being considered and is providing the following opinion on each bill.  This is the position Rhode Island Revolver & Rifle Association has for these bills.  There is a link for each bill position so that you can review the actual bill and determine if you agree with our position.

Now is the time to act.  If you value your present gun rights you need to make every effort to attend this hearing on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at the rise of the house, approximately 4:00 PM. If you are not one who is comfortable with testifying, your mere presence in the halls of the State House is enough to bring attention to our cause. You can sign paperwork pro or con to show your intent regarding a particular bill or bills. You need not testify to do this. There will be many people there to help you through this process. Come show your solidarity with your fellow gun owners!!!

Good Bills – Bills we support and want to pass.

1.) H 5154       Anyone COVICTED of a crime in which a firearm was used to commit the offense shall not be eligible for parole.

2.) H 5546       Directs the Attorney General to report to the General Assembly incidences of crimes involving firearms.

3.) H 5729       Gives reciprocity to states that recognize RI concealed carry holder permits.

4.) H 6040       Allows Attorney General to enter agreement with other states for reciprocity in the state of RI.

Bad Bills – Bills we oppose and want to defeat.

1.) H 5155       This is the High Cap magazine Bill. Any magazine, be it Rifle, Shotgun, or PISTOL over 10 rounds would be illegal to own or manufacture. This would get most of us jail time, and would put RI manufacturer AT Wall, Metalform out of business or at least force them to leave the state.

2.) H 5156       Possession of a Stun-Gun would be allowed under the same license conditions as a handgun. This would require one to qualify with a stun-gun at 25yds.  The effective distance of a stun-gun is 15 feet.

3.) H 5262       No person shall carry a rifle or shotgun in any vehicle or conveyance or on or about their person whether visible or concealed. There is an exception for lawful hunting and land owned by you but I would not want to get caught coming out of the woods at sunset walking on the road back to your car. This has happened to many a hunter at the end of the day. There are other conditions which could put a person in violation of this law.

4.) H 5263       The explanation at the back of the Bill says it all. “This act would criminalize the mere possession of a firearm by a minor”. It puts a burden on the Junior or Senior who has to practice 5 days a week at a qualified gun range trying to get a scholarship to college. The baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and soccer players do not need an 18yr old baby sitter to drive them to practice! The age old practice of having your membership card to a bona-fide range has served well for I think 12 or 14 full scholarships at the Newport Rifle Club to some great colleges.

5.) H 5345       Possession of firearms on school grounds. This Bill is a solution looking for a problem! There has never been a CCW holder that has caused a problem in a school PERIOD!

6.) H 5437       11-47-24 Alteration of marks of identification on firearms. They do not make exceptions for firearms that are old and the markings have worn off by use. Many of us have old shotguns that have been handed down generation to generation that the finish as well as the numbers and information are no longer visible.

7.) H 5547       See number 4.) H 5263. The same opposition applies to this bill.

8.) H 5554       A Federal law already covers this and is known as a “Straw Purchase”.

9.) H 5730       When applying for your CCW they want you to PAY for your National Criminal Records Check and finger prints.

10.) H 5866     See number 6.) H 5473. The same opposition applies to this bill.

11.) H 6039     The CCW Bill. This is the third try for this Bill with additional tweaking. 18 pages of hurdles and hoops to jump over and through on your way to getting your CCW from the Attorney General, city or town. On page 2 of 18 line 30 section (12) “Suitable person” second sentence “A person may be considered unsuitable if the licensing authority has clear and convincing evidence that the person is a clear and present danger to themselves or to any person”.  There is nothing defining clear and present danger.  A definition as to what a clear and present danger is needed.