Published 04/14/2023
House Judiciary Hearings are on Monday, April 17th starting at 2:00pm.  We have reserved the Rotunda for our community and will be having speakers at approx. 4:00pm.
We have heard from many that this is a no-win situation.  Absolutely not!  
We can beat these egregious bills but need your help!
Here is what you need to do:
  Must include: your name, bill number and viewpoint (for/against/neither).  
 These will be posted online, you can view them here by clicking on April 17th.
2. Show up to the State House on Monday anytime after 1:00pm to sign in.  We will have sheets to sign up if you want to testify and sheets to sign your opposition or support for bills. Don't be discouraged by the 2:00 pm start, we will be there all evening.
Here is a cheat sheet of where we stand:
Good: 5045  5208  5368  5574  5575  5576  5696  5885  6011
Neutral:  5299  5214  5692  5693  5694  5695  5886  
BAD:  5300  5367  5369  5434  5891  5892  5893  5894  5912  6069  6237
Here is the agenda so you can read the bills:
Please help us get the word out, our rights depend on it!
See you at the State House!