Bill being heard on Tueday, January 31, 2017

Published 01/29/2017

The House Judiciary Committee will be hearing Bill # H 5115 on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at the Rise of the House (approx 4:00) Room 101 at the State House. Most concerning part of this Bill is that there is no provision for self protection. Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee.  Please come to testify...

Concealed Carry Permit victory in State Supreme Court

Published 11/07/2016

Two RI Supreme Court rulings provide relief to four East Providence residents who were denied concealed carry permits by the East Providence Police Chief.  Attorney David Strachman, who represented the four at the Supreme Court hearing, said "The alacrity of the rulings and the immediate order to East Providence in three of the cases is...

2016 General Election

Published 10/17/2016

This month's NRA magazine contains the candidate endorsements and ratings for all the National (President and US House of Representatives) RI State (Senate and House of Representatives) races.  However due to publishing requirements it does not contain the latest revised information. For the latest endorsements and ratings check the online ratings at www.nrapvf.org.

2016 RI Primary

Published 09/10/2016

The 2016 RI Primary Election is Tuesday September 13th.  Many times RI Senators and Representatives win their seat during the primary as they run unopposed at the general election.  Thus it is important to get out and vote at Tuesday's Primary.  The NRA has released its ratings for the candidates. Take this information into account...

2016 Senate Bill S 2492

Published 06/15/2016

After a quite six weeks Senate Bill S 2492 came to the house floor as a Sub A bill.  A Sub A bill has no hearing or discussion and is voted upon by the full Senate. This act would require that any person convicted of a felony domestic offense be ordered by the court to surrender...