The Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle Association is the Flagship gun rights organization in the State of Rhode Island.  The Association was founded in 1936.  For over 78 years we have been defending our 2nd Amendment rights.  Throughout the years we have successfully defended the rights of law abiding citizens against the constant threat of anti-gun legislation and its infringements.

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Thinking of purchasing your first firearm?

Here is what you need to know:
In order to purchase a pistol or revolver you must first apply for a Blue Card. 
Click here for information.  Once you have a blue card to present to the gun store and you have chosen the firearm you would like to purchase you will need to fill out a Form 4473 which will initiate a Federal and local background check, then there is a 7 day waiting period.  Please be advised that due to extremely high demand because of the current Covid19 situation the wait may be slightly longer.  If you have recently purchased or will be purchasing a firearm please check back with us frequently, once we have the okay to gather again we will be starting up safety classes.  Please feel free to look up all of the informational pages on social media to ask questions, there are many public and private ranges still open with social distancing restrictions in place that would be happy to help you safely familiarize you with your purchase. 


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