Press Release!

Published 03/12/2024

Rhode Island Rally for our Rights!


  Rhode Island State House, Providence, RI
Senate Judiciary Hearings Tuesday, March 12, 2024
House Judiciary Hearings Monday, March 13, 2024
3:00 pm

Law-abiding citizens from around Rhode Island will be peacefully joining together to protect their 2nd Amendment rights and have their voices heard.

This gathering is prompted by the anti-gun legislation that is being pushed by well-funded special interest groups and sponsored legislators that are focused on dismantling the 2nd Amendment under the guise of “Common Sense”. The bills being presented are based on erroneous information and special interest groups who have repeatedly promoted lies, misinformation and twisted data. This has sparked a response from citizens who want their voices heard.

Firearm owners are a diverse group of individuals from students to seniors that identify as members of varied racial and ethnic groups, genders, and orientations all united to preserve their rights. The 2nd Amendment does not discriminate. Firearm owners include veterans, single parents, business owners, union members, hunters, competitors, and law-abiding citizens that have the right to protect themselves and their families. Firearm owners are a valuable resource to all Rhode Islanders. We invest in our youth, are stewards of the environment, and contribute significantly to the local economy.

It is time to have our voices heard!

Our community

RI 2A Moms   WGR-Women for Gun Rights
Rhode Island Revolver and Rifle Association
RI 2nd Amendment Coalition   Federated Rhode Island Sportsmen’s Club
Ocean State Junior Rifle Association  Rhode Island Firearm Owners League
Gun Clubs, Gun Stores, Firearm industry small businesses and manufacturers
Law abiding Citizens