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Hap's Corner October 2017

Published 11/09/2017

TAKE THE KING'S SCHILLING; DO THE KING'S BIDDING In a time long ago the center of my shooting universe was a large concrete and granite example of Classical Revival architecture located at 360 Broad Street in Hartford, Connecticut; the Connecticut State Armory and Arsenal, headquarters of the Connecticut State Military Department. For twenty years I was...

Hap's Corner November 2017

Published 11/09/2017

GAUL AND SHOOTING ARE MUCH THE SAME... Success in the shooting sports is, as Gaius Julius Caesar said of Gaul,”…omnis divisa est in partes tres.” Success is divided into three parts, physical, equipment and mental. Shooting does not require the physical abilities of a superhero. One of its beauties is that it is blind to height, weight,...