Senate Bills to be heard Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Published 04/22/2016

There are Senate Bills to be heard on Tuesday 4/26/2016 at the Rise of the Senate, about 4:30pm.  With this being election day, please vote in the morning so you can attend the hearings, which will run well past the closing of the polls. 

The following are Senate bills that we oppose.


S-2490 This is a Bad Bill.  Domestic bill where you have 24hrs to surrender your firearms not knowing how they will be packaged or stored. And you can no longer give them to a friend.

S-2491 This is a Bad Bill.  This bill would make it so after just a hearing, not a conviction you can NO longer own or possess a firearm. 

S-2492 This is a Bad Bill.  A domestic bill where you have 24hrs to surrender your firearms with no say in how they are boxed, transported, or stored. Also they can be disposed of or destroyed with NO compensation to the owner!!

S-2517 This is a Bad Bill.  11-47-5 goes from a felony conviction to a misdemeanor conviction. And they mislead you in the explanation of the act that it is for a FELONY!!!

S-2416 This is a Bad Bill.  This Bill looks good on the reciprocity of Mass, Conn, and Utah CCW permit holders, but law makers have made it better for them than you! All three states do not have live fire for their qualification and we do in Rhode Island!

S-2519 This is a Bad Bill. 11-47-24 Alteration of marks of identification on firearms was well vetted when first drafted. It took into consideration older, and well worn firearms so as not to get the owner in trouble. This bill strips this protection.

S-2563 This is a Bad Bill. We all know that our finger prints and a background ckeck is mandatory for a CCW. It's part of the application process.

S-2565 This is a Bad Bill.  Rifles and shotguns do not fall under 11-47-8 permit required for carrying pistol. And as such should not be mentioned in this section.

S-2645 This is a Bad Bill.  This bill would criminalize the mere possession of a firearm by a minor (16 or 17yrs old) transporting to and from a range without an adult present.

S-2647 This is a Bad Bill.  In part as it adds more to the permitting process instead of streamlining it as Maine did with constitutional carry.  It makes it mandatory to provide your Social Security number, which is illegal by Federal standards.

S-2730 This is a Bad Bill.  Changes from Felony to Misdemeanor the reason for the confiscation of your firearms in a domestic conviction offense.

S-2761 This is a Bad Bill.  Even if you have a CCW it will not be honored because this bill calls for No Firearms, or other weapons on school grounds.  Except for Peace Officers.

S-2835 This is a Bad Bill.  Bans all high capacity magazines and Manufacturers of high capacity magazines in this state.  You have 120 to dispose of your high cap. mags, both rifle and handgun after which time if you still posses you become a criminal.  Jail time up to 10 years.

S-2564 This is a Bad Bill. This is straw purchases, which is already illegal at the Federal level.  This is not needed at the state level.

S-2767 This is a Bad Bill. On Page 4, Line 20, they now state no person who has been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a MISDEMEANOR shall purchase, own, carry, transport or have in his or her possession a firearm. On Page 5, Line 10, 11-47-5.3, pleading nolo contendere to or conviction of an offense under 12-29-2 and punishable as a misdemeanor offense under 12-29-5, you shall be prohibited from purchasing, owning, carrying, transporting or having in their possession any firearm. Page 5, Line 31, if the person surrenders a firearm to a law enforcement agency, the law enforcement agency may establish policies for disposal of the firearm, provided that such policies require that the offender be notified of the disposal and the offender receive any financial value received from the disposal LESS THE COST ASSOCIATED WITH TAKING POSSESSION OF, STORING, AND DISPOSING OF THE FIREARM. There are no provisions for packing and transportation of your valuable firearms. There is no mention of fair market value. In the explanation it does not mention the disposal of your firearms.


Your presence is requested at the State House on the above aforementioned date so that you may express your opinions on these pro and anti bills. It is very important that you make every effort to attend.