Ocean State Junior Rifle Clinic Host Shooting Clinic


Ocean State Junior Rifle Association Host Shooting Clinic


Dr. Richard Hawkins, the Head Rifle and Pistol Coach at the US Coast Guard Academy, conducted a full day clinic for nine Ocean State Junior Rifle Association shooters and, more importantly, seven coaches on October 25, 2015 at the Massasoit Gun Club. 

Hawkins, is  a Class A International Judge and one of only nineteen International Shooting Sports Federation Class A Licensed Coaches worldwide. He was a member of the Army Marksmanship Unit International Section and, upon his retirement from shooting served as both a rifle and pistol coach.

The day was an intense training session combining classroom and practical range experience for both shooters and coaches. The shooters left at the end of the day with improved positions, knowledge of training and nutrition, and a handsome shooting manual.

As a part of training the trainer concept the coaches returned to their clubs with greater insight in how to prepare young shooters and coach them to bring them up to their potential. 

Juniors and coaches from South County, Smithfield Sportsman, Pine Tree and Massasoit participated.

The clinic was well received and plans are in the works to have Hawkins return and present another clinic at a later date.