2018 Legislative information

Published 01/27/2018

2018 Legislative session is upon us.  To date there are 5 bills that have been introduced, they are as follows: Senate Bill No. 2027 BY  Seveney, Coyne, DiPalma, Pearson, Conley ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES -- WEAPONS (Possession, transportation, manufacture or sale of bump stock is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment and/or $15,000 fine.) RIRRAI Opposes this bill....

5510 Sub A Passes the Senate Judiciary Committee

Published 07/01/2017

Last night at the State House the 5510 Sub A bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.  There were some changes made that reflect some of the concerns of the firearm community such as; expedited hearing (within 15 days), The Judge maintains discretion in hearings.  The words changed from "shall" to "may" and firearms can be...


Published 06/29/2017

Both S 405 and 5510 Sub A are being heard and considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow at 3:00.  Make every attempt possible to be there in person!  Please continue to call and email your Senator and the Senate Judiciary Committee! Judiciary Committee Agenda

TIME TO ACT ! H 5510 Has passed the House

Published 06/26/2017

House bill 5510 has passed the house.  The time to act is now! Call and email Senate President Ruggerio at 401-222-6655 and email him at sen-ruggerio@rilegislature.gov.  Urge him to oppose S 405.      

Senate Hearings Tuesday, June 6th at 4:30 room 313

Published 06/05/2017

The Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing all of the comparison bills that were heard in the House plus some addition bills relating to firearms. Please make every attempt to attend! Room 313 at 4:30 Agenda