House Bills to be heard on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Published 03/16/2016

The House Bills to be heard on 3/22/16, at the rise of the house, about 4:30pm are: H-7093- This is a good bill.  Would make automatic renewal of carry permits with NICS ck and $40.00 fee. H-7103- This is a good bill.  No sales tax on containers (safe) to safely store firearms. H-7199- VERY BAD BILL.  Bans all...

2016 Round 1 - Three House Bills

Published 01/25/2016

Bill H 7199 THIS IS A BAD BILL! Relating to Criminal Offenses-Weapons Sponsors are: Regunberg, Carson, Ajello, Handy and Almeida This bill changes 11-47-2 definitions of detachable magazines, fixed magazines and high capacity magazines. It also changes 11-47-64 to make it illegal for any person, corporation or other entity in this state to manufacture, import, possess, purchase, sell or...

Legislative Alerts via Twitter

Published 01/09/2016

We are preparing for the upcoming 2016 legislative session.  We created a Twitter account that will be used exclusively to send out time sensitive legislative alerts.  Help preserve our gun rights and follow us on Twitter @rirrai_leg.  

Get involved

Published 08/09/2015

Get involved Please come to the RIRRA Annual Meeting to learn how you can help to defend our rights.  We are looking for people to help with Public Speaking, Public Relations, Raising Money, Research, Legislative Work, Political Elections, Recruiting Members, Internal Communications and other activities to help us promote, educate and encourage safe responsible firearm ownership....

Please stay alert

Published 08/09/2015

Please stay alert. We are continuing to monitor activities at the State House.  Even though the legislature has adjourned it is unclear if there will be a special session later this year.  Any of the bills that were tabled for further consideration could be brought out of committee.  Please stay alert and follow us on Facebook...