WE NEED YOU! Wednesday, June 20th at the State House

Published 06/19/2018

Remember in November We need you!  The rules at the State House have been suspended.  This means that any of the anti-gun bills that have been heard for further study can be brought out at any time!  We are gathering at the State House on Wednesday, June 20th at 3:30 to reinforce our stand....NO MORE GUN...

RIRRA position and why for Bills being heard April 24 2018

Published 04/24/2018

RIRRA position and why for bills being heard April 24 2018 Here is a list of bills being heard on Tuesday April 24, 2018, our position on these bills and why we have the position.   House Bill H-7162 SUPPORT Introduced By: Representatives Casey, Filippi, Craven, Keable, and Lima Entitled: AN ACT RELATING TO STATE AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT - DEPARTMENT...

Call to Action! Hearings Tuesday April 24th

Published 04/19/2018

CALL TO ACTION !! Tuesday, April 24th at 3:00 at the State HouseNever has it been so important for you to come to defend your rights! There are 19 bills being heard! House Judiciary Agenda  

Rally For Your Rights

Published 04/08/2018

On Tuesday April 10th at 3:00 pm fellow Firearm Community members are needed at the State House.  House bill 7075 (Bump Stock Bill) and House Bill 7688 ( Red Flag Bill) are being brought out for consideration.  We will not be able to testify, however, we will be able to send a message by occupying...

Summary (cheat sheet) for March 6 2018 hearings

Published 03/06/2018

Here is a list of bills being heard on Tuesday March 8, 2018, our position on these bills.  You can print this and use when signing the paperwork at the state house. House Bill No. 7075 OPPOSE House Bill No. 7688 OPPOSE House Bill No. 7763 OPPOSE Senate Bill No. 2134 Support Senate Bill No. 2148 Support Senate Bill No. 2271 OPPOSE Senate Bill No....