2023 Proposed Legislation

Published 03/28/2023

2023 Proposed legislation. Below is a list of the bills submitted and where we stand.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our suggested stance, please feel free to contact us. RED=BADGREEN=GOODBLUE=NEUTRAL Senate Bill No. 123 BY  Raptakis, Tikoian, McKenney, Lombardi, Sosnowski, Ciccone ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES - WEAPONS (Increases sentences for carrying a firearm when committing a crime...

Assault Weapons Ban 2023

Published 02/02/2023

Below is the link to the Assault Weapons Ban Bill. Please stay informed and be prepared to defend our rights! H5300.pdf (state.ri.us)  

General Election 2022

Published 10/03/2022

Please click the links below to see where your candidates stand in the upcoming General Election: Yellow= pro-gun/pro-constitutionRED= Anti-gunNo color=not enough information to determine For a copy of your sample ballot click here State offices list click here Senate Candidate list click here House Candidate list click here If you see any incorrect information, please contact us at 401-680-0798  

2022 Primary information

Published 08/25/2022

2022 Rhode Island Primary Tuesday, September 13, 2022 Early voting begins Wednesday, August 24, 2022 See your sample ballot click here Find your Primary Candidates click here Red = Anti-gun Yellow = pro- gun Orange = best choice to knock out incumbent/anti-gun candidate No color = not enough information

Candidates as of 6 30 22

Published 07/07/2022

Senate Candidates as of 6/30/2022 Please note:  These are not final lists; they are changing daily.  Final candidate list will not be available until after candidates have qualified with signatures. Senate List:  1st Draft House List:  1st Draft We need your help! If you would like to volunteer to help collect information on candidates, please email infoelection@yahoo.com